(Stage #5) Progress Report #4 – Adding Textures

During this stage of development, I focus on texturing the many objects that come together to make up my bar (External & Internal). Textures Used The Google Images that make up my bar design include the following; The Water Texture (Used in the water for the sink) The Bar Stool Base The Bar & Cabinet…

(Stage #4) Progress Report #3 – Adding Scripts

The Task During this stage of the project, I researched a series of scripts to provide the objects within my bar with “Functionality”. The scripts used for my bar include; Welcoming Script The welcome script I used that welcomes players with the whisper “Welcome to Noots Bar” is based on object collision between an avatar…

(Stage #3) Progress Report 2 – Finalizing Design

Task During this stage of development, I focus around adding the intricacies to the base bar design created during stage #2. The specific objects I will be focusing on include; The Bar Taps – During Stage #2 the stand was created, but not the bar taps. Bar Sink / Nozzle Bar Lights Notecard Holder During…

(Stage #2) Progress Report – Design 

Task During the first stages of development, before even starting to sculpt the initial design of the building in Second Life. I analyzed the reference images provided during the Planning Stage. This helped me identify the intricate features of the bar and ultimately bring these ideas together in second-life to form the various objects required….

(Stage #1) Planning & Timeline

The Option I have chosen. For my Final MUV Assignment, I am focusing on Content Creation by providing the second life community a unique bar, stylized around concept art from the anime “Death Parade” My Task Throughout this build, I am wanting to create a bar similar to the on from “Death Parade” within second life….